Group Break FAQ

Group Breaks: Group breaks consist of individuals buying slots/s in an individual sealed box, a sealed case or a mixture of a number of sealed boxes. NO VETERAN BASE is sent unless specified on a page. All other cards of your team will be sent including any Rookie Cards, Autos, Jersey/Memorabilia, Inserts, Numbered or Short Printed cards, Base Variants or Parallels and every other thing that is not a veteran base card.

Buying a slot in a group break on means you are buying a digital good. Digital goods are not covered by Paypal buyers protection. Some slots will not receive any cards at all in some cases as their slot did not pull any cards during a group break. In the event that you did not pull any cards during the Group Break you will not receive a refund.

Shipping costs are included into the price of a slot. All group breaks will be consolidated and sent at the end of the week (no set day). The included Shipping costs includes STANDARD shipping which will have no tracking. Your cards will get to you! Just give it time and patience especially during postage restrictions and amount of post going through Australia Post. Big hits will be sent with tracking.

Example: All breaks conducted between Monday 13 May to Sunday 19 May will be sent on the week commencing on the 20th of May. 


We Break It Live: All group breaks will be conducted live on Box Break's Youtube channel which can be found here.


Placement of Card: A card will be awarded to the team that is listed on the front or back of the card, not the jersey they are wearing. If there is no team name on the card then the card would be awarded to the team of the jersey that is being worn by the player.


Multi-Player Cards: Cards that have multiple players on it will be randomised through three times. An individual will receive as many spots as they do players on the card. For example if a person owns two of the three players then they would receive two spots in the randomisation of that card, and the other person would receive the third spot.


What different type of group breaks we provide: 

RANDOM: When you purchase a slot through the website, the team you will receive will be dependant on a random draw via which is conducted live on Youtube prior to the commencement of the break. All slots will be priced the same. draws will be randomised seven times. Both teams and names will be randomised seven times.

PICK YOUR TEAM (PYT): Pick your team is when you choose a pre-determined team from the website as your slot. Slot prices will be priced accordingly to a particular team.





How long does it take for my cards to posted?
It can take up to three days plus for your cards to posted. This is dependant on any future group breaks you are in. **PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IS CORRECT**


What break am I in?
Please check your email. If you buy a spot in break, you will receive a confirmation email.

When is my break?
The break time is listed on the listing and there is always a post with a schedule.

When are the group breaks listed?
10pm, 11am, Midday (not everyday) and 1pm. This times are approx only and are Melbourne/Sydney time.

How do I buy a spot? How do I pay for a spot? - there's paypal, credit card or afterpay

When is the team draw?
On the stream, just before your specified group break. All draws are verified via, we use the verified service for peace of mind.

What team did I get?
Visit the results tab on our website or you can rewind your stream.

How long does it take for my cards to arrive?
Australia post has an average five to ten business days timeline on letters. Cards are sent via standard shipping and there is no tracking unless you get a big hit where tracking is provided. This timeline will eventually reduce with the ease of restrictions.

When will the replay of the stream be up?
The stream is uploaded automatically at the end of live filming. It can take up to an hour for YouTube to upload it.

Do you ship veteran base cards? In the majority of our breaks the base cards will get sent! Please read individual listings for more information.

Can you tell me what cards I got?
Please understand that there are 100s and 1000s of different cards during our breaks and remembering them is very hard plus the work day is immediately done after the stream.